Our wire belts are used in many different industries supporting automation, especially when the production process involves abrasive or corrosive attack or when heat or low temperature requires a high resistance of the belt material. Due to the excellent thermal characteristics our wire belts can be used at temperatures starting at -196°C ending up at 1250°C in high temperature applications.

Due to the numerous possible types of belts and due to the vaste range of different materials our belts can be designed or adapted to a broad field of applications.
The range of applications covers amongst others the following industries:
  • Food/bread/biscuit
  • Wood/paper
  • Glass/ceramic
  • Solar
  • Heat treatment
  • Beverage
  • Surface treatment equipment
  • Filter technology
  • Electronics
  • Nonwovens
Our wire belts provide the following advantages:
  • High mechanical, abrasive, chemical and thermal resistance
  • Excellent acid-base properties  (material choice on request)
  • Reduced repair and maintenance downtimes due to modular design
  • Smooth and constant run
  • Hygienic  characteristics
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to shorten or to lengthen
  • High percentage of open area



Temperature Range