Architectural mesh

Wire meshes are increasingly used in architecture and design, both indoors and outdoors. Our extensive experience in the production of metal meshes for industrial purposes ensures the highest quality possible.

Our architectural meshes combine attractive design with outstanding functionality. High quality stainless steel provides protection against corrosion and other sources of wear. Widths up to 6300mm and extensive lenghts  enable facades, ceilings, walls and other surfaces to be covered as desired.

The vast possibilities make these metal meshes very applealing for application in architecture. Particularly noteworthy is the impression of lightness, reflection, transparency, yet visual separation. Moreover, the seemingly endless repetitive, intricate and precise patterns of metallic fabric make an excellent contrast to large surfaces.

Please take a look at our wide range of products and get creative with these novel materials.

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Architectural mesh
Architectural mesh

Product overview

tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif AMAZONAS

Architectural mesh Amazonas
  tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif ROMA

Architectural weave Roma
  tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif INDUS

Architectural mesh Indus
tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif KONGO

Architectural mesh Kongo
  tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif MEKONG

Architectural mesh Mekong
  tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif MISSOURI

Architectural mesh Missouri
tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif OKAVANGO

Architectural mesh Okavango
  tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif AMUR

Architectural mesh Amur
  tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif BOLOGNA

Architectural weave Bologna
tl_files/images/icons/arrow.gif NAPOLI

Architectural weave Napoli