Use of wire mesh in architecture

Stainless steel wire meshes are a very popular choice for façades.
But they are also favored for use in stairwells, on balconies or in gardens.
In addition to wire belts for industry, food production and veneer drying, the architectural mesh is thus
another important area of application for our stainless steel products.

Its advantages at a glance:

Metal meshes for facades, buildings and architecture offer many advantages:

  • Sun protection (depending on the type of mesh, it blocks up to 53% of the heat from solar radiation and up to 62% of UV radiation).
  • Protection against the weather.
  • Privacy screen.
  • Fall protection on balconies.
  • Fall protection for boulders and rocks.
  • Very stable and corrosion resistant.
  • Wide range of designs.
  • Fire protection Blocks up to 50% of flames and slows down the spread of fire.
  • Storm and weather protection for outdoor areas.
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Our wire meshes are all made of rust-proof and durable stainless steel and galvanized steel wires.

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This is not only due to high stability and durability of the mesh, but also due to the sheer range of design options, that makes it a popular choice amongst architects, building contractors and interior designers. Stainless steel mesh exudes a mixture of elegance, lightness and transparency. They also create a certain visual separation, which you can make use of flexibly in both exterior and interior designs.

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Fields of application for wire mesh in architecture and design

The field of architecture and design is a broad one. Metal mesh can be integrated into a wide range of buildings, both functionally and aesthetically. Typical areas of application are, for example:

  • Office buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Car parks
  • Gardens
  • Residential buildings

But no matter where you want to install our products: All our metal meshes are highly resistant to corrosion and weathering thanks to the use of high-quality stainless steel. Facades, ceilings, walls and parapets can be seamlessly clad using widths of up to 6300 mm and virtually endless lengths.

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Façades made of metal mesh doesn’t only look modern in terms of architecture, but they also have measurable advantages. And they can be perfectly combined with other building materials. For example, a combination of stainless steel and glass or quarry stones is particularly popular.

Sun protection

Due to their net-like structure and reflective properties, stainless-steel metal meshes absorb part of the sun’s rays and ensure not just optimal lighting conditions inside the house, but also help maintain a pleasant temperature. This saves you money by cutting down on the need to use the air conditioning.

On the topic of sun protection: On request, wire mesh can be integrated into guide rails and used as roller blinds.

Protection from extreme weather conditions

Additionally, wire mesh protects your building façade from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, storms or ice by reducing the surface area of the building that is affected.

Staircase bannisters

Whether residential house or office building: With wire mesh you can turn stairwells into the “jewel” of your property. With the right wire mesh, you can also create the right look and a fall protection.

Ceiling cladding

Ceilings covered with wire mesh not only look good, but they also improve the acoustics and give the room a modern charm. Furthermore, lighting systems can also be perfectly integrated.

Room dividers

Effective privacy protection for shops, open-plan offices or public buildings: with fabric or metal curtains you can separate areas, but also use the effects of heating, air conditioning and fresh air supply.

Cladding of technical equipment

Another popular application is the cladding of technical systems such as heaters, servers, etc.


Their stainless steel construction makes our meshes perfect for use in wind and weather. But you will be amazed at how versatile the wire constructions are for interior construction as well. Our customers value your use as a banister, ceiling cladding, or room divider.


The use of such constructions is becoming increasingly popular in the design of parks, gardens or schoolyards.

Garden fences

Wire meshes are ideal for designing fences and boundaries.

Flower boxes

Wether used as a base/box or cover for flower pots or boxes: the possibilities of wire meshes are almost limitless.

Vole protection

Good to know: wire mesh is also extremely useful outdoors as protection against voles in flower and vegetable beds.

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